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You are in the luxury beach resort. Relax forget about your everyday problems and feel the ocean atmosphere. Summer is here! Let yourself play on the beach. Find hidden sea gifts in the sand and have fun.
Handsome Alex will be your friend (assistant) and will help you to learn the rules and enjoy the game. He will come to you from time to time with some gifts and small beautiful surprises.
The game rules are very simple. You will search items by their silhouettes on the beach but there's much more than usual point&click gameplay. Some hidden objects play hide and seek with you. And you have to move sea stones and other objects to find them.
You can choose the way of play don't hurry and just relax finding items or can do you best try to achieve the best score and spot hidden objects before waves come.
The better you play the more bonuses you will have but the less time between waves. But don't forget you are in the paradise island and it's summer time vacation so you are already the winner - just have fun.
Amazing waves animation and attractive effects make this free hidden object game really hot (cool, sticky).
There's a lot of charming items made in the cartoon style.